Friday, January 8, 2016

Woman to serve 1 year of 8-year sentence in deadly wrong-way crash

Channel 2 News in Nashville reports that Delois Beasley has been sentenced to 8 years for vehicular homicide by intoxication suspended after one year. Beasley had spent the evening drinking with her brother  at his home on Panorama Drive. She left and ended up driving under the influence going the wrong way on the Interstate 65. Twenty five people called 9-1-1 to report the wrong way driver before she slammed head on into Michael Campbell in January 2015. Mr. Campbell of Brownsville, Kentucky was 42 years old left behind a wife and three children.
Also injured in the crash was 32 year old Michael Anderson of Summer Shade, Kentucky. The two men had been to an Eric Church concert at Bridgestone Arena.
The encore sung by Church was "A Man Who was Gonna Die Young".
The final verses:

I always thought I'd be a heap of metal
And a cloud of smoke, foot stuck to the pedal
Sold for parts like a junkyard rusted-out Chevy
Fear I've had none,
What the hell made you wanna love
A man who was gonna die young?
Call it intuition, or call it crazy
Just thought by now I'd be pushing up daisies
But I'd gladly stick around if we're together
So baby when you bow your head tonight,
Could you tell the Lord I've changed my mind
And with you I'd like to live forever

Driving impaired ends dreams, ends relationships, ends lives.
No sentence would bring back Michael Campbell or heal Michael Anderson. It is terribly sad that these two friends suffered in Nashville due to the crime of this particular woman.
May Michael Campbell rest in peace and may his widow and orphaned children find peace.

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