Friday, May 31, 2013

Smoking pot with a 7 month old child in car

I think some parenting classes may be in order for this 20 year old guy. If you are driving under the influence, smoking pot with a 7 month old in the car, there is a problem. Read about this arrest at:

McMinn County man allegedly eats pot during traffic stop - | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DUI Convictions in 2013

Through the end of March, there have been nearly the same number of convictions posted to Driver's Licenses this year as there were through June, 2012. There have been 18,526 posted in 2013, only 1100 short of the 12 months of 2012. If the trend continues the final 3 months of the fiscal year ending in June, there will be about 5,000 more convictions this year than last.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 24/7 solution is working in Montana

Montana has embraced a 24/7 alcohol testing program for multiple DUI offenders. The offenders must either report to take a breath test twice a day or wear a transdermal alcohol devise.  Each breath test costs the offender $2. The transdermal devise is $8 per day, but does not involve reporting in. The devise is read every week to see if there were any alcohol consumption violations. It seems like this solution would be a good one especially for some of our rural counties.
Read more about the program at:
Officials, participants tout early success of 24/7 Sobriety Program | | Kalispell, Montana

Vehicular Homicide by intoxication in Anderson County

An Anderson County crash that ended with three people killed and three cars crushed and mangled in November has resulted in an indictment. Read about this pending case at:
Marlow man charged with vehicular homicide for two deaths after three-car crash

Traffic Stop Results in 300 lbs of marijuana

A routine DUI traffic stop resulted in the discovery of 335 pounds of marijuana in fifteen separate packages. Deputies from the Union County Sheriff's Department stopped Martin Urrutia Olmedo, 26, of Knoxville, and discovered the drugs. Olmedo, who is presumed innocent will now face several charges. Read about it at:
Union County traffic stop nets 300-plus pounds of pot » Knoxville News Sentinel

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

U.S. safety board proposes tougher drunk-driving threshold

The American Medical Association has been advocating a .05 BAC standard for a number of years. Today, the National Transportation Safety Board voted to recommend an .05 standard. Read about it at:

U.S. safety board proposes tougher drunk-driving threshold -

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tragedy in Warren County

One teen has been killed and others are hospitalized after a gruesom crash in Warren County. Please keep these young people in your thoughts and prayers. Read about it at:

Friday, May 3, 2013

May 1 in Nashville

10 persons were arrested for DUI on Wednesday May 1 in Nashville.

Three took breath alcohol tests with results of .15, .18 and .19.
Two more consented to blood tests. The results are pending.
Five refused tests and were charged with implied consent violations.
Four were multiple offenders.

The intoxicants used were:
Alcohol only: five;
Alcohol and pills combined: two;
Alcohol and cocaine: two
A mix of everything: one

Sleeping pills like ambien were present in two cases.

The average age of the offenders was 40. The youngest was 29 and the oldest was 55.
It is  good news to see that no one under the age of 28 was on the list. Maybe our young people are getting the message that DUI is a selfish and stupid crime.

Those arrested were: Ricky Brown 7/27/71, Moly Bain 10/29/70, Dominic Alston 5/4/84; Benjamin Williamson 1/6/77; Abrahman Abby 6/21/59; Homero Navarro 5/31/79; Linda Buchholz 7/29/58; Chuckie Stewardc 1/23/66; David Abernathy 6/4/81 and Humberto Nicacio-Pule 7/23/88.

Driver, found sitting in Cocke County school bus with engine running, pleads guilty to DUI

Here is a nightmare scenario for parents. Fortunately this school bus driver had no children on board at the time. It was only a matter of time.

Driver, found sitting in Cocke County school bus with engine running, pleads guilty to DUI

Nurse charged with DUI, assaulting police - WSMV Channel 4

When she mets the nursing board, she will probably claim her unethical statements were made due to alcohol consumption.
When she meets the Judge, she'll probably claim she was not intoxicated.
Such a quandary for someone committed to an ethical code that begins with, First, do no harm.

Nurse charged with DUI, assaulting police - WSMV Channel 4

Synthetic drug operation busted near daycare - WSMV Channel 4

Here is some good news. These evil people have been making a lot of money producing synthetic drugs that injure and kill. Fortunately, this bunch is now out of business. Read about it at:

Synthetic drug operation busted near daycare - WSMV Channel 4

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trial Judge error corrected

The Court of Criminal Appeals has reversed the suppression of a stop that is a real head scratcher. The Trial Judge suppressed a traffic stop in a DUI case in which the intoxicated driver went in the wrong direction in an emergency lane of the highway. The Trial Judge decided the officer did not have reasonable suspicion to stop the intoxicated driver. The Court of Criminal appeals has reversed and sent the case back for trial. Without the reversal would we have a new rule in Fayette County that you could drive the wrong way in an emergency lane of the highway? That sounds a little scary!
Read the case of State v Wagster from Fayette County at: