Thursday, October 9, 2014

Anyone missing a Gold Bar?

From the Cookeville Herald Citizen:

• Sgt. Cary Matheney observed a vehicle traveling south on North Willow Avenue on Monday. According to the police report, Matheney had prior knowledge that Jesse Carter has a suspended license. Carter also had an active warrant at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department. Matheney noted that he left his position and caught up with the vehicle driven by Carter as it turned right on West Jere Whitson Road. The report states that Carter observed Matheney behind him and began swerving in the road. Matheney attempted to stop the vehicle near West Jere Whitson Road, but Carter continued south. Matheney noted that after he initiated his siren, “the vehicle continued to drive in the middle of the road.” The vehicle stopped at an apartment complex on Carolina Ave. Matheney walked to the driver’s door, instructed Carter to exit the vehicle and Carter was arrested.
Matheney informed Carter of the warrant and told him that he had a suspended driver license. Matheney conducted an inventory of the vehicle before having it towed. There was a light jacket in the driver’s seat that contained a one-ounce gold plated bar.
Carter said the jacket was his, but said he didn’t know where the gold bar came from. Carter agreed for Matheney to log the item at the police station for safe keeping. Matheney also found a cigarette filter, which was commonty used by IV drug users to filter narcotics before injecting them.
Carter told Matheney he was looking for some meth to use, but he had not found any. A blue bag containing 18 syringes was also located with the syringes still in their packaging. Carter was taken to the Putnam County Jail.