Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nashville on National Title night

A lot of people were watching a very good football game Monday night. Alabama and Clemson were very well coached and hard working teams. They aspired to greatness and found themselves in an epic battle for a championship. They worked very hard to get to their place in life.

Meanwhile,  six people were being arrested for DUI in Nashville. They were on our roads endangering our lives. They were selfish people more interested in their pleasure than your safety.
 Three of the six arrested were driving after consuming drugs. The drugs involved were:

Marijuana and black tar Heroin,
Suboxone and

Three other people were drinking alcohol. One refused testing. Another had a .09 b.a.c. and the third a .22.
Two were in crashes.
Two were female.

The DUI population on Monday is consistent with what we have been seeing statistically over the last year:
50-60 of our lab tests stop after defining alcohol as the culprit.
The other cases show the most common drugs identified include alprazolam and marijuana.

Heroin and suboxone are on the rise as impairing drugs effecting driving.

Read more about these drugs in our latest edition of the DUI NEWS at:

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