Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nashville DUI of the Day: DUI BY Allowing

In Tennessee it is a crime to permit an impaired driver to drive your car. People are still surprised by that fact, even thought it has been the law for decades. Today's DUI of the Day gives an example:

On 2/3/15 in Davidson County, Tn, defendant was involved in a motor vehicle accident as a passenger. Defendant is the registered owner of the vehicle. His girlfriend was driving at the time of the accident and was DUI as well. Upon police arrival to the accident the defendant told police this his girlfriend was driving and ran off, because she was DUI. Third party complainant stated the same to the call taker. Girlfriend returned to the scene and admitted to drinking and driving. Defendant was taken into custody for DUI by allowance. Defendant admitted to drinking tonight as well.

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