Thursday, February 12, 2015

DUI Feb 11 Commercial Vehicle and Domestic Assault

Often this time of year, DUI offenders get caught when they do other things and the police are called. Often there is a crash and law enforcement responds.
In today's DUI, the police were called to a store due to a domestic assault. The driver was hidden in the woods, but got to the store in a commercial vehicle. He had a .129 breath alcohol test. Anyone want to share the road with a semi driven by a driver with a .129? 

Officers responded to 150 Long Hollow Pike for a check the welfare of a female crying inside the store. Upon arrival officers spoke with the female and she stated that her and her boyfriend had gotten into a physical argument. I then attempted to locate the male subject and was unable to make contact. Officers then contacted the trucking company and advised them the store manager was going to have the semi towed off their parking lot. The semi was unsecured and the trucking company stated they were going to send someone to pick up their semi-truck. As I was waiting for them to arrive the male subject (driver of the semi) came out of the woods and began to approach my patrol car. I then exited my car and made contact with the male subject who was identified as ______ the suspect from the domestic assault. As I spoke with Mr. _____ I could smell an odor of alcohol coming from his breath as he spoke, I also noticed his eyes where blood shot and watery. I then asked Mr. ____ if he had been drinking and he stated yes. I then asked him how much he had drank and he stated that he and the victim had shared a 5th of bourbon. I then asked him to perform SFST’s and he agreed. The subject showed all 6 clues of impairment on the HGN, 6 of the 8 clues on the Walk & Turn, and 3 of the 4 clues on the One-Leg stand. I then read him the Implied Consent Law and asked him to administer a breath 

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