Friday, January 21, 2011

12 year sentence for Warren County Recidivist affirmed

Lawrence D. Ralph was going to get a warning from Trooper Bruce Prior when he made a wide turn. However, Mr. Ralph knew some things that the Trooper did not know. Ralph sped off as the Trooper walked up to his Pontiac. Then he ran into the woods. What did he know? He knew he had been drinking. He knew he had been declared a Habitual Traffic Offender. He knew he had 3 prior DUI convictions. He knew what prison was like from a previous 17 year sentence.
There were also some things he did not know. He did not know that the Trooper and other officers would look for him through the woods and pursue him like beagles chasing a rabbitt. He did not know that citizens would see him and sahre the information with the Trooper. He did not know that DUI Prosecutor, Darrell Julian, would prosecute him through a jury trial. He did not know that running doesn't always work!
Once Ralph was convicted, his history was taken into account. As a Range 2 felon, he recieved four years for each of three crimes to be served consecutively.
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