Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New DUI Law Will begin July 1

The House unanimously passed the Reorganized new DUI law on April 1st!  All that is left is the Governor's signature. It will take effect July 1st. The law was proposed with the intent of reorganizing and clarifying our current law without making any significant changes. Items that were no longer relevant were removed, such a dates showing a provision would only effect convictions after 1994.
Other items were placed in sections, so that people who used the items can find them more easily. For instance, fees and disbursement of fees are all in the same section now. They are not scattered throughout the chapter.
For courtroom practitioners, all the relevant law is in the first 11 sections. After that the sections are most relevant to post judgment activities. Those include probation, DUI schools, Ignition Interlocks, Treatment, Disposition of Fines and the like.
As soon as the bills become a Public Chapter, they will be available on our website. In the meantime, they can be read at:

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