Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Fatal Crashes

Fatalities this month: 2/1/2013 – 2/12/2013

Ruby Dixon, 46, Bethel Springs;
Jackie White, 16, Lewisburg;
Timothy Martin, 20, Mount Juliet
Bryan Delk, 41, Columbia
Doris Gentry, 50, Cookeville
Jerry Rice, 70, Ten Mile
Gregory Collette, 39, Sweetwater
Zachary Reagan, 20, Knoxville
Eller Parton, 35, Dandridge
Ryan Marcum, 17, Harrogate
Brock Humphreys, 41, Greeneville

In three crashes resulting in a fatality, alcohol was present.
In three crashes, seat belts were not in use.
Weather caused two crashes that resulted in the loss of life.
The most common factor was a vehicle leaving it's lane and either going 
off the road or crashing into another vehicle.

May they rest in peace. Please, be careful on our roadways.

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