Thursday, October 11, 2012

12 year sentence for drunk, speeder who killed

Bryant Houston, 39, was traveling at 103  mph on Highway 153 in Chattanooga with a .19 BAC when he slammed into a car making a turn into a parking lot. In the child restraint seat in the back of the car was a 4 month old baby, Addison Moore.
Houston had the audacity to say he reached a .19 BAC by drinking 3 beers. A 200 pound male would have to consume about nine or ten beers in an hour to reach .19. This guy received a 12 year sentence from maiming two adults and killing a child. That's the maximum sentence in Tennessee. Maybe, during his prison time he can work on his math or his conscience.

Read about the tragic case at:
Chattanooga man sentenced to 12 years after 4-month-old girl dies in crash |

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