Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Congratulations THP Cadet Class 512

On Friday the Separtment of Safety celebrated the accomplishments of 44 cadets, who have graduated to become members of our Highway Patrol. Jim Camp and I had the pleasure of instructing these troopers on several occassions. We wish them nothing but the best.
Last week Jim and I had the pleasure of teaching at the Nashville Metro Academy. Like the THP class, they had some exceptional cadets. There was a medic, several EMT's, several military veterans and even a former Kentucky prosecutor. They graduate June 6th.
These cadets make tremendous sacrifices. They have to remove themselves from their normal lives to inundate themselves in the training regimen. That takes a lot of time and dedication from themselves and their families at home. Thanks to their willingness to sacrifice, we will have some devoted and dedicated officers on our roads.

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