Friday, September 10, 2010

Lifesavers Conference

The Tennessee Lifesavers Conference was conducted this week in Nashville. It was attended by over 400 persons dedicated to saving lives on our highways. The Governor's Highway Safety Office and Director Kendell Poole had wonderful break out sessions for educational purposes. The luncheon speaker, Ken Sharp, runs a radio program in Los Angeles called Ridin Dirty, which focuses on changing behavior to eliminate impaired driving.
He noted, the time to change our society is now and it can be done. Remember the campaign to eliminate littering called Keep America Beautiful? Littering is extremely rare now. Of course, their was not a littering industry advertising littering like the alcohol industry. There were no pro-litter lobbyist in Congress. Ken is right though. The time to eliminate impaired driving is here and now. Once impaired driving is eliminated, won't people look back and ask what were those people thinking? Why did that society permit thousands and thousands of deaths on the highways every year? Why didn't people stop their friends, familiy members and co-workers from driving impaired? Did they not care about one another? Was driving impaired more important to them that the lives of their fellow citizens? Talk about it with your families, friends and co-workers. Stop the madness now!
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